Florencia Marchetti

Florencia Marchetti is an anthropologist and documentary artist currently pursuing a PhD in Humanities at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, Concordia University. Her dissertation project, Marginal Suffering: An ethnographic and audiovisual exploration of Argentinean memoryscapes, is concerned with mapping and intervening the historical narratives, practices and scenarios at play in the processes of memorializing the violent political repression that took place in Argentina during the second half on the 20th century.

She is interested in how experimental art practices can help ethnography move beyond textual modes of knowledge production by paying more attention to the performative and sensorial aspects of human experience. Her project’s experimental methodology is conceived as situated, performative, and collaborative acts of social analysis that provoke the memories of a diverse pool of social actors, stirring affective forces and bodily sensations, eliciting conversations and triggering new questions. These experimental arrangements strive to subvert binaries such as object/subject & mind/body, taking the performative and feminist critiques of anthropology to heart, reflexively involving all research participants, including herself as artist/researcher, in collaborative processes that co-create localized and experiential understandings of her country’s troubled history.

Born in Córdoba, Argentina, Florencia has a degree in Social Communications, graduate studies in Anthropology from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, and a MA in Social Documentation from the University of California in Santa Cruz, for which she completed a video essay called Haunting Presences (2007, 42’).