Carolina Cambre

Carolina Cambre is an assistant professor in the Department of Education. Her work explores vernacular visual expression, asking such questions as: How do people produce and direct visual space? How is the image a doing? What are the social and cultural work/ings of images?

Her interests range from critical policy analysis, sociology of information, image studies, to the politics of representation. She has ongoing projects on visual processes of legitimation, representation of online sharing, selfies and the politics of identity, and polymedia literacies.

Some of her work is represented in journals such as Social Media & Society (SM+S); Visual Arts Research; Globalisation, Societies, and Education; and Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies. Some of these publications reflect high-quality collaborations with scholars across the fields of visual anthropology, sociology and education. She is the author of: The Semiotics of Che Guevara: Affective gateways (2015). Cambre’s artistic work in the mediums of encaustic, photography and multi-media collage has been featured as cover art for a number of magazines and books as well as juried competitions.

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