Occasional Papers

This space will feature conference papers, research reports, reflection pieces and reviews which provide snapshots of the on-going research and research-creation activities of Centre members.


The Expanding Field of Sensory Studies
David Howes

Mediations of Sensation: Designing Performative Sensory Environments
David Howes and Chris Salter

Preface: Accounting for Taste. In Luca Vercelloni, The Invention of Taste: A Cultural Account of Desire, Delight and Disgust in Fashion, Food and Art (Sensory Studies Series). See Google Preview
David Howes

Reimagine Perspective
Piet Devos

From the Skin Ego to the Psychic Envelope: An Introduction to the Work of Didier Anzieu
Marc Lafrance

The Extended Sensorium: Introduction to the Sensory and Social Thought of François Laplantine. In François Laplantine, The Life of the Senses: Introduction to a Modal Anthropology (Sensory Studies Series). See Google Preview
David Howes

Sense and Social Anthropology
Maureen Matthews, Curator of Ethnology, The Manitoba Museum

The Efficacy Of The Virtual: From Che As Sign To Che As Agent
Carolina Cambre


Sensing Cultures: Cinema, Ethnography and the Senses
David Howes

Touched by Surrealism: Reflections on a New Sensory Approach to Literature
Piet Devos

Touching and Making: Encounters with Matter
Charles Gagnon

From Eighteenth Century Proto-Restaurant to Twenty-first Century Artist’s Restaurant: Sensory Experiences, Class Identities, and Dining Interiors
Mark Clintberg

The Seduction of Scent
Cindy Bisaillon interview with David Howes et al.

The Aesthetics of Mixing the Senses
David Howes

The Sensorium of the Extraordinary
Chris Salter

The Craft of the Senses
David Howes

Handling Conceptual Art
Charles Gagnon

R Murray Schafer and The Theatre of the Senses
David Howes


The Social Life of the Senses
David Howes

Healing through sound: An exploration of a vocal sound healing method in Great Britain
Shelley Snow

Burning Man: Transforming Community through Countercultural Ritual Process
Jess McCaffrey

The Sensory City Workshop: Sensing the City through Touch and Taste
David Howes, Kim Morgan, Martha Radice, and David Szanto


How Capitalism Came to Its Senses – and Yours: The Invention of Sensory Marketing
David Howes

Multisensory Marketing in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Part I : From Synergy to Synaesthesia
David Howes

Multisensory Marketing in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Part II : Making Sense of the Senses 
David Howes

Brand Memory Effects of Retronasal Olfaction
Bianca Grohmann and David Thomas


Sheryl Boyle

Sensory Readings in Architecture
Sheryl Boyle

A Co-Design Exploration: Designing Sensor-Enabled Exercise Wear for Aging
Lois Frankel

Its not just the eyes that have it
Sara Wajid, National Maritime Museum


A Courtroom With a View: When a Justice System Senses for Itself
Alexander Sculthorpe

It’s Right Under Your Nose! The Trial of the Senses and the “Plain Smell” Doctrine
Olivia Khazam