Centre for Sensory Studies

The Centre for Sensory Studies is an interdisciplinary collaboration platform for research in the social life and history of the senses, perceptual practice, multisensory aesthetics, sensory marketing, and the development of technologies for expanding the sensorium in innovative ways.


Anthropology of the Senses, Sociology of the Senses, History of the Senses, Sensory Marketing, Sensory Engineering, Sensory Design, Sensory Aesthetics, Immersive Environments/New Media, Visual Culture, Taste Culture, Sound Studies, Disability Studies, Sensors and Sensing


The Centre for Sensory Studies was founded in 2011. It provides a framework for the integration and furtherance of the research activities and interests of twelve individual faculty members, three research labs and one research team. The team is the Concordia Sensoria Research Team (CONSERT) co-founded by David Howes and Anthony Synnott in 1988. The labs include: LabXmodal founded in 2006 by Chris Salter, the Laboratory for Sensory Research founded in 2010 by Bianca Grohmann, and the Concordia Vision Laboratories co-directed by Aaron Johnson since 2006.
The Centre for Sensory Studies is a Concordia University Faculty of Arts and Science Research Centre. We wish to acknowledge the generous support of the Dean of Arts and Science, Brian Lewis, the former Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies, Louise Dandurand, and the Acting Vice-President, Graham Carr.