Fiona Carlston

Fiona Carlston is a Scent Design Director based in Paris with IFF/International Flavors and Fragrances. Her role is essentially to work closely with perfumers to design fragrances for global clients and consumers, primarily for consumer products, such as haircare. She studied history, politics, and art history at the University of Nottingham. She began her career in South Africa with Quest International, a global fragrance and flavors company, in 1993, where she began her specialisation in fragrance development.

In 1996 Fiona moved to the Global Headquarters of Quest International in Ashford, UK to focus on haircare fragrance development, where she concentrated on global fragrance development and consumer understanding. After four years in the USA, she moved to IFF in Paris at the global centre of excellence for haircare. Her primary focus has been on helping to create scents that are creative, unique, and meaningful across all categories servicing the needs/wants of consumers and clients.This requires a deep understanding of consumers from different cultures, and the creative process.

Fiona is also a passionate amateur oil painter, specifically figure painting, with a focus on the different lights, shades, and colors that skin and the figure exude, as well as the texture created by paint.