Ida Marie Toft

Ida Marie Toft is a Copenhagen/Montreal based media artist and PhD student at the Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) research centre. Ida creates site specific games, and develops game technologies that allow for games to happen in unusual contexts. As a member of the Copenhagen Game Collective she works to create an environment for experimental game production in Copenhagen and beyond. In 2013 she co-organized an expedition of game designers and art curators to the Maldives to create games and street play events with local artists and the community. The project was initiated by an invitation from Maldivian artist Amani Naseem. Several of the works, including her own “bite sized water games”, were exhibited at the 55th Venice Biennale.
Ida’s PhD research explores conventions and politics of skills, craft-traditions and materials involved in the creation of digital games. Her recent game Lovebirds, developed in the context of the Bird Game Collective Indiebeaking, presents game design as a craft and part of a parallel process of developing community rituals and creating materials which together engender a space of frictions for interesting social dynamics. Lovebirds has been shown at game convention, art events and play festival in Denmark, Sweden, UK and The Netherlands.
Ida holds a Master’s of Science from the IT University of Copenhagen. During her studies she worked on user¬-centered design and playful interaction design. Together with Amani Naseem she wrote her final project “It Is Homely” on designing technologies for teenagers, territorialization and (risky) family communication. Ida holds a Bachelor’s of Social Science and Communication from Roskilde University. She finished the degree with the project: “My teachers says … that you actually recycle your own pee: A Communication Project about Children and Recycling”.

The Maldives Exodus Caravan Show