Morgan Rauscher

Morgan Rauscher is an interactive creative electronics artist, educator, and CEO of Trigger Shark Business and Technology Consulting Ltd. Morgan is currently a doctoral researcher at the Hexagram ‘A-Lab’ and lecturer at Concordia University in the design and computational arts.
Mr. Rauscher’s artwork has shown in Canadian public and private galleries. His work has also been featured internationally at the New York Science Museum, The Fifth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (Portugal), Technarte International Conference on Art & Technology (Spain), and The 4th International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Networks (China). Morgan has been published in Popular Science magazine, Hamilton Arts & Letters magazine, Make magazine, and on the cover of the 2013 Canadian Journal of Integrated Studies.
In addition to art, Morgan has designed and developed an open-source (Arduino based) creative electronics hardware platform for artists, called Mondomatrix that has become a part of electronic art and design projects all around the world.
Morgan is currently working on merging modern machining technology with haptic force-feedback material interaction to facilitate the communication of touch during what he calls ‘Haptic Transference’. His multidisciplinary research addresses a knowledge deficit in haptic machine assisted object modeling in the field of interactive and generative-kinetic robotic sculptural art.
He is using interdisciplinary art production and research-creation methodologies to observe the functional outcomes between ‘machine-made’ and ‘human-made’ sculptural objects in an attempt to design and build robotics that will facilitate the heuristic teaching of touch for sculptural applications.
His current research-creation project is entitled “Teaching Touch: a new heuristic pedagogical tool for electronic ‘Haptic Transference’ in an age of machine assisted material fabrication”.