Zoe Bacchus

Hearing Where We Look

Zoe Bacchus
Special Individualized Program (SIP) MA
Concordia University

This master’s research explores how sound can be manipulated by the simple movements of the body- specifically, the eyes. This work seeks to abstract images into sound using the properties of looking as a mode of artistic inquiry. The research is grounded in psychology and artistic performance (research-creation). One of the goals of this inquiry is to enable observers to gain insight from their listening experience into the inner workings of their own bodies’ sensory response systems.

In the current studio art project, the aim is to understand how the activity of the moving eye, when viewing images or scenes, can activate or effect sound. The final project will be using audio video composition to allow an observer to sonically interact with visual images that are projected in an art work.

The creation of the art project draws from contemporary art theory and scientific research concerning human sensory perception. The development of this project will generate a new methodology for the examination of the links between external physical stimuli and internal perception.

Zoe Bacchus was born in Washington D.C. Her background is Guyanese. Zoe’s professional interests include sound art performance and installation, dance and video art.Throughout her career, she has worked in art collaborations with public, private, corporate and not-for-profit organizations.

Since 2005, she has completed a Specialization degree in Psychology, and studied Electroacoustic music composition.

Zoe Bacchus defended her thesis in August 2013 and graduated at Fall Convocation with distinction.